Market Update – Progress

Well since my last blog, the City Council have taken things into their own hands and started work on improving the look of the ‘mastodon in the room’ . So I shall eat my words and thank the Council for doing this. Some will say that this is just a cosmetic makeover, but I am hoping that this simple move will be a great benefit for the overall look of the Square.

Everything is going well for the planning of the grand opening of the Market on the 10th December 2011. We have so many enthusiastic community groups all getting involved such as the NLFG (Nottingham Local Food Group), Sneinton Alchemy to name a few.

All the Stall have been alllocated, but if you want to stand, you can join us the following week when we have a few Stalls remaining for the Christmas market.

The new web site is almost finished, this includes the new Sneinton Square Calendar so you can see when the markets are running and when special events have been planned. If a community group wishes to use the market square (on non market days) please drop us an e-mail at and we’ll see if we can book it for you.

The Web site will also include a listing of local businesses which will be free of charge, if any businesses which to have their own web site advertised we can add the link or if you want a full web page on our site we can do that too (for a small charge)!

Hopefully soon we can have a busy local area again, which will be great for all our local residents, our own local ‘Super Market’.

Hope to see you all at Sneinton Market, down Hockley!


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