Urban Food Market

What a difference a few weeks makes, at the Light Night it was sooo cold, there were icicles hanging from my ‘Nom de Plume’. This weekend was GLORIOUS, the sun was shining, clear sky for most of the day, and very warm. It was almost like spring had come out to join the local people enjoying the atmosphere down at Sneinton Market.

Each week as the weather warms up we have more stalls and more importantly, more Customers walking around and those Customers staying longer because  of the music and the Cafe Area.

This Saturday was the best in a series of Urban Food Markets that are being arranged by a Partnership of Nottingham Local Food Partnership and Sneinton Market Traders. Such partnerships are the lifeblood of the Market. Both Partners are aiming to increase the frequency of the Urban Food Market.

We are still hoping that the Local Artist groups are arranging a regular market, before all the regular weekly slots are taken!!

Saturday was not just about a market, it was about the local community using a public space for its real ‘purpose’, that of bringing the people who live there closer. It was about people meeting,  friends sitting down chatting, drinking tea and coffee. There was such an atmosphere, that of hope for the future of the market, green shoots of confidence bursting like the buds on the apple trees.

Thanks to all who came down to enjoy themselves,

see you all next week at the Market, down Hockley.

Market Toby

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