The Up and Downs of Sneinton Market

We all have our ups and downs, its the same with Sneinton Market I get lots of people saying how they remember how the market was, the atmosphere and the things they used to buy, the characters etc etc. I have dozens of prospective traders wanting to come onto the market to trade, but only on the busy themed days, when I need them on the days in between. Its always been a catch 22, to get people down the market I need traders, and traders will only come if there are people to buy their goods. Its like herding cats.

So I ask, all those people who want to get Sneinton Market back, with a vibrant atmosphere lots of stalls, start coming down to the market EVERY weekend, then we’ll start to get more traders and have a successful market. All you traders, the prices of the stalls are discounted, what else are you doing on a Saturday? If you’re sat at home or else where its probably costing you money, so why not use your time and rent a stall?

Don’t expect your Customers to flock to your stall on the first few weeks, we’ll help advertise your stall on the market web site (free of charge). Once your punters see what you sell, and assuming its good and the prices are right, they’ll come back, tell their friends, and you’ll soon have a thriving business.

Now is a very good time, the weather is improving, the fountains are on, the leisure centre is now open, so people are coming down to see them, if you have a stall, you’re visible with a chance to make a sale.

Any groups who wish to set up a themed market, such as Community stalls, retro clothing, etc drop us a line.


Fresh fish stall, Fresh Meat stall, Flower stalls -Will give priority to these Market traders!!!

Hope to see you all at the market, down Hockley.

Market Toby




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