Market Toby, I’m the guy on the ground at Sneinton Market, so if you want a stall come and see me, or contact us at

Sneinton Market is the oldest market in Nottingham, lets be frank, its been a hard slog to get the Market to a viable state. Markets are like a DNA double Helix, Customers on one spiral, traders on the other, you have to get both going in an upwards direction for a market to survive.

I’m glad to say that we are getting there, we now have a core of traders, that we actually can say is a market. Yes I know, you can remember it when there was 60+ stalls and thousands of people. But when asked, when did you last come down to the market, a lot of people say… oooh it must be 10 years – and there is your answer. If people don’t come to the market and buy things we won’t get traders, because they are there to make money.

So if you want a market and an area where the Community can stage their own events, get down to the market, change your shopping habits, choose your local market first, before nipping in your car to some multi national supermarket, we have urban food markets where the food is locally produced, is organically grown by local people. Lets keep it local.

We normally have special events at least once per month, so if you want to check what’s going on check out the web site at

See you down at the market, down Hockley!


One Response to Market Toby, I’m the guy on the ground at Sneinton Market, so if you want a stall come and see me, or contact us at

  1. Carlton Kevin says:

    I appreciate what you say and agree that there is a problem.
    I live in Carlton and have regularly been to the market over many years, sadly witnessing the decline.
    My view is that the Market is not well promoted and does not attract enough shoppers & visitors, which is demoralising for the few loyal traders and deters other traders needed to create the ‘buzz’.
    The art/craft market products at those events seemed expensive to me (£3 for homemade greeting cards, £20 prints etc)
    What always confounds me is that Hockley is only 5 mins walk away but it’s another world, trendy, popular etc- if there was a way to ‘link/buddy up’ Sneinton Mkt with Hockley, have a route designed by artists, I reckon that would help – I’m sure there are shoppers & visitors to Hockley that never venture much further than Ice Nine !
    The fruit & veg stall that has kept this market going alll these years does it best – I was at Hyson Green market last week and the same stall had 10-15 people queuing to buy the same items !
    What about trialling a flea fayre of an evening ? It has worked well in Arnold for years and drawn in many people.
    When we have spring & summer, a ‘Fresh produce’ market, icluding Ecoworks, Stonebridge City Farm, Paul’s bakerly but also another dozen stalls that offer free 7 enticing fresh produce, incl free samples and also food stalls cooking, to tempt the taste buds – the fresh ‘field to plate’ must work, it does at farmers markets.
    I know outdoor markets are at the mercy of the weather but othere thrive – Bulwell, Hyson Green – Sneinton now has a lovely square, great leisure centre & no real local shops to affect trading on the day + lots of people live very local, more than Bulwell I reckon.
    I would like to help if I can.

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